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Welcome on the website of the health center Eichthal which contains information about OMNIPATHIE® and the training for treating human and animal.

Inventor of the OMNIPATHIE®

Ute Pfersmann was 20 years active in physiotherapy, x-raying and laboratory. Afterwards many years of training in all kind of massage techniques and acupressure followed. Over that she collected experience in different riding and therapy centers several years as by the state examined riding instructor.

In Tirol and Vienna she was active ten years as a Cranio Sacral Osteopath and developed the OMNIPATHIE®, an energetic method for all organisms, out of the Cranio Sacral Osteopathy.

Ute Pfersmann - Yoga -  OMNIPATHIE - CRANIO SACRAL OSTEOPATHIEIn a healthy and cosy house in Lower Austria she created the Center Eichthal for OMNIPATHIE®. Today the Center Eichthal grew by a large piece and offers more content and courses. During the last years Ute Pfersmann trained already 200 pupils, with the support of an energetic team including doctors and specialists of alternatives fields.