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Welcome on the website of the health center Eichthal which contains information about OMNIPATHIE® and the training for treating human and animal.

The training for Omnipaths

The 3 years training for OMNIPATHIE® for human and animal, which is unique in Austria and offered only in the Center Eichthal, gives you a high-quality profession with certificate and practical experience in the Center’s own stud farm.

Over that you can acquire the OMNIPATHIE® license, which brings you many advantages to the normal conclusion of the training. It gives you security on your way after the training, because of the network of the Omnipaths and the assistance of Ute Pfersmann. Also for example, if you want to make yourself independent, the necessary steps can be explained supported. Another inclusive is the advertisement not only over our homepage (List of Omnipaths), also threw brochures, as well as our exhibition stand.

Please contact us for more information.

Unterricht-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie Unterricht-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie