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Welcome on the website of the health center Eichthal which contains information about OMNIPATHIE® and the training for treating human and animal.

Team Eichthal

These people form the team, which leads you through the training or is involved actively in other ranges in the Center Eichthal.


Dr. med. univ. & Dr. med. vet. Antolini
(Medical director of the training)

has already worked in the whole world. He is always receptive to new and/or alternative working methods. So he is available at any time with large enthusiasm for animal and human. Thanks to his untiring effort he has already saved many lifes. That is also shown in television and press reports.

Zimmer-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie Dr. vet. Hartmut Zimmer
(Medical leader - Animal anatomy)

He already teaches in a kind and conscientious way the difficult bases of animal anatomy to our pupils for years now.
Parra-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie Dr. med. Berger
(Medical leader - Human anatomy)

Doctor for General Medicine and Homeopathy in Traisen/Austria. She has been an enthusiastic lecturer as part of our training for several years now. One of her concerns is the promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration for maximum health care of our patients/clients.
Pfersmann-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie Ute Pfersmann
(Course leader-Practice leader-Energetic treatment)

Inventor of the OMNIPATHIE® - more infomation here:
Ute Pfersmann
Hönickl-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie Franz Hönickl
(Hoof care training)

Hoof care trainer after Dr. Strasser - He reports about the importance of healthy hooves and correct hoof care.
Wiesbauer-Cranio-Sacral-Osteopathie Franz Wiesbauer
(Yoga course)

has already got yoga experience for many years. He has completed the training as a yoga teacher and organizes and make some yoga courses in the Center Eichthal now.