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Welcome on the website of the health center Eichthal which contains information about OMNIPATHIE® and the training for treating human and animal.

Course data of the training
in detail

+ 3 years training
(Approx. 336 hours of theory and practice instruction about human and animal)

+ No previous knowledge
You need no previous knowledge of other training at all. Naturally you should like the work with animals and be able to integrate yourself into a group.

+ Week or weekend course parts
> 6 weekends/year
(3 in spring, 3 in autumn)
> 2 weeks/year
(1 week in spring, 1 week in autumn)

+ Costs
One course day amounts to € 160,- (3 years € 5760, -), course documents, meals and drinking are already included. No additional costs result in the course, but if you want to take a guest room, it costs € 25,- with breakfast.

+ Leadership
Dr.med.univ & Dr.med.vet. Antolini
Dr.med.vet. Zimmer
Dr.med. Parra
Ute Pfersmann (course leader)

+ Information-weekend before fixed registration!
If you cannot decide yet, the participation at one weekend is without obligation. Afterwards you can register for 3 years.

+ Absence of a course part
If you miss one weekend or a week course you can possibly learn the topics later in a parallel course. That must be agreed upon however, also in a medical case.

+ Accommodation in guest rooms possible
If you want to take a room, it costs with breakfast € 25,-/night

+ Practice
The practical course parts with human take place in the training rooms of the Center or if working with animals in the stud farm. No additional external practical courses are to be completed. Theoretical instruction takes place in the class rooms.